Our Movement


The leading climate justice groups are teaming up to target financial institutions that are funding the fossil fuel industry. We will no longer sit back as governments, banks, insurance companies, and private institutions knowingly steal our futures.

We’re on a mission to ensure that the truth of the climate crisis comes to light: continued climate destruction is the product of corporate greed.

Our Goals

Our movement relies on empowering local movement builders who are trained, supported, and funded to execute the tactics best suited to mobilize their communities. The grassroots may not sit at the table with the finance industry, but their power will be felt in the decision-making rooms.


The climate justice movement is no stranger to direct actions that transform the national dialogue.

On September 20th, 2019, over 650,000 people rallied across 1,300 events to demand elected officials address the climate crisis with urgent policies. In what became the largest climate demonstration in history, young people and adult allies across the united states joined 7 million people worldwide to demand transformative solutions. The September 2019 climate strikes occurred in all 50 states (including over 250,000 people in nyc alone), Puerto Rico, and DC. The climate strikes represented the power of a youth-led and decentralized national campaign. With an intergenerational and intersectional coalition of 200+ movement partners behind us, youth climate activists made it clear that 2019 would only be the beginning of an ongoing movement to usher in a new era of the climate movement that protects our future.

On earth day 2020, our movement shifted online as we mobilized a three-day live stream event. Reaching over 5 million viewers, earth day live showed the power of our movement to reach people where they are.

Both offline and online, we have continued to mobilize, march, and rally to demand urgent policies from our world leaders.